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Overview of Specialbites

On Specialbites you will find a growing list of inclusive educational
activities, games to download and now online switch games. They are suitable
for a wide range of users and especially for the inclusive classroom.

This website contains many video tutorials to give you a practical
understanding of working with images, sound and video to help you make
personalised, accessible games and activities. The Video Tutorial format is a
great way to assimilation information and to accelerate your learning. These
tutorials are suitable for a wide range of purposes and will take you from the
‘introduction stage' to the ‘advanced stage' very quickly. As an example, the
working with sound tutorials would be a great place to start for anybody
wishing to use Audacity to record and edit sound files.

There are 'free to view' tutorials on each page to give you a taste of what's in store! For
most of the tutorials, 'working with images, sound and video', you won't need to
purchase any software. We will use free software from various Internet sites.

Specialbites has a large number of video tutorials dedicated to making a
wide range of inclusive games and educational resources. The Making
Activities video tutorials are a great introduction to using Swishmax. Each tutorial
will develop your Swishmax skills. The practical applications developed will
be widely used in many environments.

Swishmax is very easy to learn. After you have made a few activities you will
appreciate the rapid speed at which you can build activities compared with
similar and more expensive products for developing in the ‘flash' format. 

David Vincent
The voice behind the tutorials is me - David Vincent. I worked in the
computer industry for about 5 years after studying Electronics. I returned to
education and qualified as a Teacher before becoming immersed in assistive
technology at the Ace Centre (Oxford). After 4 very happy years I moved to
Newcastle upon Tyne, where for nearly 15 years I continue to work, mainly
in Special Schools, supporting, assessing and training in assistive
technology. Along with the schools work I also worked with Words World
Wide going to many parts of the UK to assess and train individuals in the
use of voice recognition and screen readers.

My kids influence
As a 'stay at home dad' for part of the working week my kids have given me
an education about child development - a big education! They have been
very helpful in testing out my games - both in the real world and on the
computer. To get our hands dirty our allotment has been a big help. It also
provides us with fresh air and tons of vegetables - but that's another story!

Assistive Technology North East
Locally in the North East of England I offer a wide range of services to
support inclusive education and assistive technology. I support those who find it
difficult to access their computers. It could be anything from simply
modifying the existing input devices to trying out switch access or voice
recognition. I offer training, assessment and support to children and
students who need access to educational resources. I also make
personalised games and activities similar to the ones found on this site. If
you have a particular need or you wish to find out more please email

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